A literature review on supported playgroups

Here’s a blog about our recent research review about evidence for supported playgroups …. Thanks Graeme!

Sustaining Community

Playgroup (Photo: Christine Cabalo)

Do supported playgroups actually make a difference? A recent literature review of research on supported playgroups [1] found that, while they are very popular, there is not a strong research evidence base demonstrating their effectiveness. The lack of research evidence appears to be more about the challenges (including the cost) of undertaking high quality research and evaluation rather than indicating that playgroups are ineffective.

Playgroups in Australia

Parent led and managed community playgroups have been around since the 1960s, but began to flourish in Australia in the 1970s. In 1975 the Australian Government started funding playgroups and increased its funding of supported playgroups, which are facilitated by a paid worker, from 2003 [1,2]. Supported playgroups are used extensively by family services as a way of engaging families who otherwise may not access community playgroups or other family services [1].

According to Playgroup Australia,

Playgroup is…

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